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Membership FAQ

Yes, Loudoun Golf & Country Club is a private club. Only members and guests of active members may utilize our facilities and amenities.
Absolutely. Our Membership Director happy to schedule a tour with you. (By appointment only — recommended to schedule a week in advance.) As a potential member, you can also coordinate to schedule a complimentary test round of golf, and/or a meal in our Clubhouse.

Please note: we do not offer “trial memberships,” and any test rounds of golf or meals offered to prospective members are intended for a one-time use.

Per the club’s by-laws, any member who is married, engaged, or in a long term, live-in relationship, and/or has dependents under the age of 22, will automatically fall under our Family Membership category. Individual Memberships are reserved for those who do not have a spouse/live-in significant other or dependents, and file “Single” when they file their taxes.
Once you become a member, your membership is essentially for life — unless you decide to resign or go inactive. You do not have to renew on an annual basis; you simply continue to pay your monthly dues as long as you are an active member.
The initiation fee is due all at once upon joining the club. You may turn in your check for the initiation fee either upfront with your application or at your New Member Orientation meeting after application approval. These checks aren’t processed/posted until after new members attend their orientation meeting and their membership is activated.
We do not have any official, standing agreements with any other clubs. If our golf course is closed for a tournament or event, our Golf Shop can reach out to other area clubs and attempt to get tee times for members wishing to play, but it’s always at the other club’s discretion, and a guest fee would apply.
Social Members may golf twice a year at the discretion of the Golf Shop, and guest fees would apply.