House Rules and Policies

Tennis Rules and Regulations
  1. Members must register their guests prior to play. In season, a weekly court schedule and guest register is posted at the tennis cabana. Other times guests may be registered by calling the clubhouse.
  2. Proper tennis attire for all ages is required. Only tennis shoes with appropriate non-marring soles will be permitted on the courts. 
  3. Use of the courts is limited to one hour for singles play and one and a half hours for doubles when others are waiting to play. All players are expected to be courteous and considerate of others waiting to play. 
  4. Scheduled tournaments, clinics and functions shall take priority over other tennis players.
  5. On weekends, holidays and all evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., members under 16 years of age, unless playing with an adult, must yield courts when adults are waiting to play.
  6. Trash, paper and debris must be placed in trash receptacles.
  7. All players should observe tennis etiquette at all times. 

Guest fees for adult guests are $10 and junior guests (under 16) are $5.