Golf Services

Handicap Service

It is our recommendation that Loudoun Golf members have a current USGA Handicap. In order to play in club events and tournaments, you must be registered in our handicap system and have posted a minimum number of scores.

You may click here to post a score.

It is the player's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their handicap. The only way to do this is to post every score, both good and bad, using equitable stroke control:


9 or less
10 through 19
20 through 29
30 through 39
40 or more
Maximum Number on any Hole

Double Bogey

Bag or Walking Cart Storage

We have a few spots available if you would like to store your clubs at Loudoun Golf. Participants enjoy the following benefits:

Clean clubs every time you play
• Convenience of not having to transfer your clubs from your vehicle every time you play
• Equipment evaluation at the beginning of every golf season
• Annual fee of $90/ Bag or $110/ Cart.


Club Repair

Professional club re-gripping and club repair is available at all times.

If you have any questions about a club repair please contact us. Some other services we provide are re-shafting, extensions, cut-downs, loft/lie adjustments and many more. Please call for prices.

Golf Rules

View the Golf Rules Book