Golf Course Rules

General Golf Course Rules and Regulations
1.       All competitions will be governed by the Rules of Golf of the USGA except as
modified by the Local Rules set forth by the Golf Committee.
2.       Golf Play, including handicaps and tournaments will be governed by rules issued
by the Golf Committee.
3.       No metal spikes, only softspikes will be allowed on the golf course. Guests may
have their spikes changed at the golf shop prior to beginning play.
4.       No starting times will be assigned. However, members and their guests, are
 required to register in the golf shop prior to playing golf.
5.       Single players and twosomes will not be permitted to tee off before 1:00 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays without approval from the golf shop.
6.       A single player has no rights on the course and must give way to a twosome,
 threesome or foursome.
7.       Players failing to hold their place on the course due to slow play or because of
 lost balls must allow other players to pass when there is a clear hole ahead
8.       All golfers should repair divots, fix ball marks on greens, repair tees and rake
bunkers.   All walking golfers must take small seed bottles for divot repair. 
9.       Players are requested not to throw or leave burning cigarettes, cigars or matches
on the grass or spit on greens. Players are reminded to keep the course clean by
using trash receptacles.
10.    Players must post all scores for handicaps and should strictly observe the official 
 rules of golf.
11.    Players starting at any hole other than Hole #1, MUST first obtain permission
 from the golf shop.
12.    All players shall observe proper golf etiquette & dress code for all golf facilities. 
13.    Players are to park pull carts away from the greens and are not permitted to place golf bags 
 on the greens.
14.    Holes #1 and #2 are not for practicing.
15.    Players are responsible for any damage caused by balls going off club property.
16.    Any damage to the Golf Course, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, or Club Property
             will not be tolerated and will face disciplinary action from the Board of Directors.    
Junior Golf Rules and Regulations
1.       Monday through Thursday, Junior golfers under 13 years of age, will not be
permitted to play unless accompanied by an adult and with approval from the Golf Professional Staff.
2.       Monday through Thursday, Junior golfers 13 and over may play unsupervised
with approval from the Golf Professional Staff
3.       Friday through Sunday and Holidays, no Junior Member shall play before 1:00
without approval from the Golf Professional Staff and those under 13 years of age must play with an adult.
4.       No Dependent under the age of 18, shall be able to play before 12:00 noon on
                Friday, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays between the months of April through
                October except in the following two circumstances:
a.       Tournaments sanctioned by the Golf Committee with designated tee times
b.       Dependent members ages 16 and 17 only, may play before noon when
accompanied by their respective parents
Golf Cart Rules and Regulations
1.       Cart rules for the day’s play will be posted on the 1st and 10th tees. 
2.       The greens superintendent has final authority concerning the cart rules of the day or when course conditions are questionable.
3.       Carts are not to be driven on the apron of the greens or on the tees.
4.       Carts must stay at least 60 feet from the greens or no closer than the designated
markers (posts) located adjacent to the cart path. All must then proceed to the cart paths and continue on the paths until leaving the next teeing ground.
5.       Observe all directional signs and markers.
6.       Carts should not be driven in low points or wet areas which are for drainage.
7.       Carts are to be driven in a reasonable speed and a safe manner at all times.
8.       No more than two people are permitted in a cart at any time.
9.       Non playing riders are not permitted to ride in or drive UNLESS approved
 by the golf shop.
10.    Carts must be driven on carts paths when available. Do not drive carts in woods.
11.    No one under the age of 16 is allowed to drive a cart WITHOUT approval from
 the Golf Professional Staff.
12.    Please advise the golf shop staff of any unsafe or mechanical problems with carts.
 Members are not advised to drive any cart that they feel is not operating in a safe
13.    The Golf Professional Staff or designated representative reserves the right to refuse the rental 
 of a golf cart to anyone.
14.    All golf cart rentals must be charged and a liability statement endorsed.
Driving Range Rules and Regulations
1.       Balls must be picked up from the golf shop or from designated area on the range.
2.       When range bags are used, no more than 2 bags of balls per member.
3.       Balls are to be hit from designated areas only as indicated daily on signs located
on both sides of the tee line.
4.       Range balls to be used must be in accordance with Club regulations and
conforming to any specifications as determined by the club (limited flight).
5.       Individuals are responsible for any damages or injuries as a result or errant golf shots or by balls going off club property. 
6.       Caution should be observed when hitting balls towards #1 fairway and #18 tee.
7.       When driving a cart to and from the range, use caution and be respectful of
players around the playing area of the range, to include holes #17, #18 and #1.
8.       Range balls are for use on the driving range and chipping green only and are not
permitted to be used on the golf course or practice putting green.
9.       Range balls are not to be taken off the golf course premises.
Guest Play – Rules and Regulations
Members are encouraged to bring guests to the club. Members are responsible for all goods and services charged by the guest(s) and the conduct of the guest(s). 
1.       All guests must register in the golf shop prior to playing golf.
2.       Monday thru Thursday (Non Holiday) a member is authorized up to 3 golfing guests without prior approval when guests are playing with the member.
3.       Friday thru Sunday (and Holidays) a member is authorized 1 golfing guest
without prior approval when guest is playing with the member. 
4.       A guest residing within 75 miles of the club, may not play golf more than two
times in one billing cycle. This policy excludes special events or tournaments.
5.       A non-resident house guest of a member may use the club facilities for a period of
14 days. A member exercising this option must make prior arrangements with the club by contacting the Golf Shop.
Storm Warnings
The club will make every effort to warn members and guests of severe weather approaching. Continued blasts from a horn emanating from the golf shop is notice to exit the golf course, tennis courts, and pool immediately. Because of wind direction, the horn may not be heard at all locations, therefore each member is to exercise good judgment when observing a storm approaching. If in doubt, seek shelter away from trees immediately.
Other Clubs
Members, while guests at other clubs in the area, may charge their purchases or other items using their Loudoun membership account number. You should check the visitant club for details and if a reciprocal agreement is available.                 
Local Rules - Loudoun Golf and Country Club
General Statement – All play shall be governed by the United States Golf Association’s Rules of Golf as expressly modified and published by the Golf Committee such as the following local rules:
1.       The embedded ball rule is in effect “Through the Green.”
2.       In addition to white Out of Bounds Markers, the inside of all boundary fences are out of bounds.
3.       For a ball in the lateral water hazard on hole #18, the designated drop area may be used in addition to the options under rule 26-1.
4.       All bridges over water hazards or later water hazards are immovable obstructions and free relief is not granted for a ball coming to rest on those bridges.
5.       A free drop shall be taken from any flowerbed marked as such (Blue paint).
6.       A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.